March 5, 2015


State capital building

John Hallman is a full-service public and government affairs consultant, providing services in the lobbying and public policy arena for individuals and groups whose mission is to expand liberty by reducing the size and scope of government. The current political landscape in the state Capitol is controlled by the big money and powerful special interest groups. If we don’t meet them head-on, our liberties will continue to fade away.

There are over 3,000 registered lobbyist in Tallahassee who are pressuring politicians to pass legislation that give special privileges and government handouts for their powerful special interest clients. The problem is not really the lobbyist, but the size and scope of power residing in Tallahassee. Because of that power, it makes it too easy to invest large sums of money to get bills passed that benefit a particular special interest. If you are a business, why spend money on marketing your company to consumers, when you can spend that money in Tallahassee to force people to use your business. The power that lobbyist have passing legislation is representative of the increasing size of government and the control of billions of dollars and more and more power politicians have over our money and our lives. The power to tax and control us, makes it too tempting for some to use money and lobbyist to get special favors from the government.

My mission is to assist individuals and groups that believe in limited government and individual liberty to remake the political landscape in Tallahassee. I will share with you the inside information on how and why politicians in Tallahassee create legislation. You might be surprised what really happens behind closed doors. Only when we understand what motivates politicians, will we be able to systematically restore liberty.