Legislative Affairs

John Hallman will represent your interests before the Florida Legislature, including meeting with Legislators to provide substantive information on your issue and speaking on your behalf in legislative committees.

Grassroots Activism

The key to successful grassroots lobbying efforts is assembling people who share common goals and concerns.

Successful grassroots strategies include the implementation of timely, statewide “calls to action” to key decision-makers, legislators, and their staff. John Hallman will bring the people of Florida the tools needed to keep our elected officials accountable.

Campaign Management

John Hallman assists candidates in developing their key campaign message in a way that resonates with voters and attracts positive media attention. John Hallman works with political candidates to develop a compelling candidate profile and campaign messaging strategy that highlights their unique value proposition as a candidate, including their professional and political experience, key strengths, personal values, and stance on key political issues.

Why Hire a Lobbyist?

  • Knowing the political landscape is crucial. Lobbyists provide important services such as legislative knowledge, contacts, the skills of negotiations and consensus-building, knowing which elected or appointed official to contact for specific issues. Knowing who to communicate with gets results. Knowing people and personalities, party leaders, committee chairpersons and their staff is half the battle.
  • When you have a good bill, your lobbyist becomes a de facto employee of the bill sponsor. Legislators have a ton of work to do between their committee work and their other bills. It is hard for the bill sponsor to do what needs to be done to keep the bill alive. I amable to work the bill, gain co-sponsors, talk to committee staff, leadership, etc.
  • Staying on top of Amendments: amendments can destroy a good bill, and amendments are filed sometimes within hours of the committee hearing. I will stay on top of amendments and because I am in the capital, I can many times do the quick work to stop the amendment.
  • Legislators are barraged daily by lobbyists, and the face to face encounter is the most effective way to get your point across. Also, I am able to follow opposing lobbyists right after they talk to a legislator and diffuse the objections to our bill quickly.
  • Sometimes when a bill is not moving, I know all the possible impediments, such as other lobbying organizations opposing our bill, objections by committee staff, leadership, etc. Gathering information on who to talk to, where to find them, when to meet them, and what to say, is time and labor intensive and often not cost effective for many groups or individuals. Lobbyists maintain the contacts and have the knowledge and experience to bring your issue to key decision-makers, parliamentary committees, and state agencies. Lobbying isn’t just about contacting elected or non-elected officials.